wubsoft projects for the Atari ST

The wubsoft Atari STe is now ready for action and my first "hello world" program can be seen running here.

It took a bit of work to get this STe running nicely; I had to replace all the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply(to stop it screaming!), re-attach a link wire and upgrade the main CPU to make it usable.

Most importantly, I replaced the broken power and disk drive LED's with brand new blue LED's. This was an essential upgrade and probably why it all worked so well. I also bought an excellent scart lead with audio connections for the STe and fitted a Gotek and a USB to Atari mouse adapter. Playing Typhoon Thompson with a Kensington Orbit has been a genuine highlight of my year! I'm guessing that says a lot about me..

I've got all the books and tutorials a person could need to learn 68k assembly and I'm already well on the way with modifying my Sam coupe graphics tools to create ST binaries and, hopefully, text for including easily in Devpac 3.

I'm hoping to have lots of progress before this year is over. In the meantime you can visit my Atari ST link page for info on all the forums and companies I used to refurbish the STe so successfully.