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Useful Sam Coupé Links

wubsoft on Youtube
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The wubsoft Youtube channel, very popular with the cool kids.

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Simon Owen's Sam Coupé emulator, use this to play Sam games on your PC, tablet or phone.

Edwin Blink's website
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Author of Comet Assembler, which I use for all my Sam stuff, and B-DOS.

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By Adam Dawidziuk, transfer files to a Sam disk image quickly and easily.

World of Sam
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The definitive Sam Coupé archive, anything you might need to know can be found here.

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Producer of many essential Coupé peripherals and Sam Revival magazine.

Cooking Circle
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Blog of musician and coder Balor Price, he of Sam Flappy Bird, XOR and Tetris fame.

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Creator of many Sam hardware and software products.

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