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Webassembly / OpenGL software projects!

I wrote some object and material parsing code a long time ago but never did much with it.
Most browsers support webassembly these days so I'm using Emscipten and Regal to have
another go.

Webassembly Example 1 -Textures
Webassembly Example 2 - Material Colour

This wasm version of the parser uses the old OpenGL 1 fixed pipeline functions, emulated by
the Regal library. I modified it for OpenGL es 1.1 so I could run it on my Galaxy Tab 4 but
for some reason emscripten won't compile it.  The tablet version uses the touchscreen and
just generally runs faster.

I'm going to use webassembly to create some tools for working with graphics on the Sam Coupé
home micro, and also an online version of The Space Adventure Simulator.  

Space Adventure Solar System Demo - May take a few seconds to load!

This is the original solar system prototype I wrote, and then modified *a lot*, for
The Space Adventure Simulator.  The orbits and the scale of the planets are all very funny
but the idea with TSAS is to generate narratives and story-lines, so those detail are less
important here. 

Use the cursor keys to select/zoom objects in the current system and use the Z and X keys
to select another system.  Touch screen support is on the way!

The textures used are mostly from the NASA website, where you can find a lot of ready
made textures for mapping to spheres, and at far higher resolutions than I've used here.

The ship's hold will be a graphical representation of the entire periodic table, instead of
only five gases and five metals as in the current Sam Coupé version, and each planet will
have its own chemistry, and politics, to add detail to the generated story-lines.
Some amount of real-world chemistry will help create more detailed plots, and potential 
solutions to in-game dilemmas.

For this demo I used, and sometimes modified, text from Wikipedia.  There are about 60
different political/cultural systems included so far.  I thought it was important to create
something that reflected actual humanity, rather than using only meaningless, fictional
"alien" politics.  Some of the text is not yet modified to fit the specific variation it is
attached to and a lot of it is poorly formatted.  There is also a weird quirk in the SDL true-
type font routines that shows up when you compile as webassembly.  It will all be fixed soon!

The long-term goal will be to make a new Sam Coupé version that makes use of the Quazar
Trinity to share data with the web version in some way, even if only for graphics and text.

This page was created using animated gifs from the amazing GifCities project.