The Garden Centre of the Universe.

This was my second game for the Sam Coupé and, like wubtris, was a long-winded development process with a lot of help coming from Chris Pile. It was also the last game I wrote completely on the real hardware, although I did a lot of testing and debugging within SimCoupé.

It was supposed to be a resource management game but for a number of reasons it slowly morphed into a kind of action game, with a small amount of strategy. There were a lot of monsters and special weapons that I planned to include but, one by one, I had to cut these out due to my code just generally being too slow. Drawing graphics quickly on the Sam takes a lot of careful planning, and a few tricks and tools that I was a long way off from developing back then.

The best parts code-wise are the bits that Chris did, particularly the 3D starfield effect that is used on the title screen and between levels. There's an editor program for modifying the starfield but I decided to stick with the default one as it looked perfect. The rest of the graphics were all hand-drawn in flash and then converted into binary using a BASIC program, although a few smaller sprites were converted to binary using pen and paper, and then typed directly into the source code. This was the last time I did that as well!

At some point in the future there will be a sequel to this that fixes the bugs and adds all the things that got left out. I'd also like to make a better job of the music as, by the time I got to that stage of the project, it had been about 2 years of work in my spare time and I was ready to get on with something else. As a result the music was a bit rushed and not very interesting.

You can download it here and the World of Sam page with more information can be found here.