Samtona Mk1 750cc

This is a racing game with a simple head to head challenge. There are three tracks that get progressively harder to beat, and a high score table for each track to create an extra challenge.

I was very disappointed with my work on this at the time because I had planned to make something a bit more interesting, with a lot more cars! But I made a few small mistakes with my approach to the graphics and it slowed everything down as I added the collision and other features of the game. Despite all this, I was playing it recently and was surprised at how much fun it was trying to beat that first track. It does provide a reasonable challenge if you can handle the unforgiving controls!

The one really positive thing I did like from this project is the way I can control the cpu cars with a 'control' bitmap. In this game the bitmap is static and the cars don't try anything clever but it could be made dynamic, allowing the cpu cars to overtake or change direction in a more realistic way, without the need for complicated maths. This is good because I really struggle with complicated maths, and the Sam would struggle to process it all anyway!

What I can't decide on is which direction to take this next. My original plan was for a single screen, Super Sprint style racing game with a Daytona USA theme. So the tracks would be faithful to the original and I would make the cars as tiny as I can to get as many on-screen as possible. I think that would be a fun project!

The other option is to use a scheme I've already put a bit of work into to do something like R.C. Pro-AM on the NES. So full screen scrolling with an isometric thing going on for a cheap '3D' effect. I would use it to make a game more like Super Cars though, and with much simpler graphics than RC Pro-AM or Super Cars. I've got a demo in progress to test this out so watch this space..

You can download it here or visit the World of Sam page entry here.

And if you have strong feelings about this or any other wubsoft project, please do get in touch at the email address above. I'd love some feedback or ideas, or help with drawing stupid little cars..!