The Space Adventure Simulator 2

TSAS2 mixes Japanese RPG and classic ZX Spectrum-style arcade adventure gameplay. The goal of the game is to explore the galaxy looking for powerful enough weapons to rid your ship of alien invaders that have infested every deck. The galaxy is randomly generated so that every time you play it the location of objects, the planet maps and even the monsters will be different.

I've always wanted to have a go at making an 8-bit Final Fantasy style game and TSAS2 is a step in that direction while being loosely based on the original Space Adventure Simulator that I released for the Sam in 2020. As in that game, gas giants can be harvested for gases while metals and other elements can be found by exploring planets.

The game will also feature trading posts in a similar way to the ZX Spectrum game Finders Keepers, so the items you need to complete the game will be found by exploring planets and collecting as many resources as possible for trading.

Your ship can also be upgraded with these resources to give you enhanced weapons and defensive capabilities, but their use will need to be carefully managed to ensure that your ship is as powerful as possible while always keeping enough in reserve for trade.

The visuals are a mix of the usual hand-drawn, slightly crappy graphics you've come to expect from wubsoft, combined with some excellent high quality textures that I've captured using my own OpenGL scenes or, for the spaceships, 3D models in Blender. The planet textures are genuine images of planets in our solar system taken from the NASA website and rendered in full 8-bit colour.

I'm working hard to finish this as soon as possible, so keep an eye out here or on the wubsoft Patreon page for more updates and maybe even a playable demo!