The most recent, and final, version of wubtris is the 'Special Edition' that was released on the cover disk for Sam Revial Issue 26.

This was one of my earliest game projects on the Sam. I had failed to complete several projects before it because my ambition was always way ahead of my ability. I decided that a better idea would be to pick an established game, where all the things I needed to do had solutions that I could learn about easily online. As the Sam already had an excellent Tetris game I wanted to do something different.

As a teenager of the early 90's, I had played a lot of 2 player gameboy Tetris and this seemed like a good fit for a Sam Tetris game. While I got the basic gameplay working OK, it was still a bit more difficult than I expected and as a result I didn't really plan for the 2 player game modes very well. The whole thing became a bit hacky and it didn't work out as planned.

The Special Edition version removes all of the 2 player stuff to focus on a simple, single player game. The routines I had originally written for drawing the blocks in the 2 player version were very slow so improving these and making the game play a little more smoothly was a priority. I also added the background palette change after every 10 lines to make each level feel a bit different visually. The Sam has a pretty versatile colour scheme and I wanted wubtris to be as colourful as possible.

There are a few other graphical improvements here and there and generally the whole thing is a bit more like the game I should have made in the first place. The only thing I still regret is that stupid possessive apostrophe at the end of wubtris that shouldn't be there. Doh!

By the time it came out a new, far superior, version of Tetris for the Sam had been released by Howard Price. His is a more accomplished, feature rich version of the game that has excellent music and offers way more gameplay than wubtris. I well recommend checking it out if you want a more complete Tetris experience!

Many thanks to Colin Piggot of Quazar for giving me the chance to be on a coverdisk like this, it's been very rewarding and a lot of fun!